Project name_Mellanmål

Mellanmål is a suggestion for a small neighbourhood café located in Varvstaden, Malmö. The old industrial site containing Kockum’s old factory buildings, is an upcoming and important part of central Malmö, connecting Västra Hamnen with the older parts of the city centre.

The café is situated in the corner of a residential park and accentuates the axis that runs from the square down to the water. It connects the pedestrian walk and green area, with the north facade facing the square and a garden with outdoor seating facing the south-west, which gently connects the café with the park. Its structure of wooden pillars is partially covered with hori- zontal wooden panels and vertical corrugated plastic walls. The café consists of a main space with seating along the win- dows on the south side and two smaller seating areas. The concept of serving “Mellanmål” or “Mellis” consists of smaller pla- te meals and brings together coffee seeking students, mid-day laptop workers and families craving extra afternoon energy.

The project is overall drawn by hand, and is currently being revised.

More details coming ...